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Do you have multiple organizational needs?

PACE considers the unique circumstances of our clients. We have a keen ability to marry your vision with our innovations. We have a client-centered approach when providing our consulting services. We value the perspective of our clients and always work to exceed their expectations. 

We also understand that many clients need more than one type of service. Therefore, we offer competitive pricing for bundled services (i.e. Strategy Development and Strategy Implementation services).

We are a full-service consulting firm that helps you to define what success looks like, develop and implement the strategy, measure success and scale your impact. 


PACE believes in providing high quality service tailored to support the needs of your organization. Our team of experts has experts strives to deliver excellence in everything that we do. Our goal to improve system efficiency.


All companies want to succeed by driving their bottom line. In doing so, many are also committed to their social responsibility in the communities where they abide and serve. PACE provides general business support services and specializes in helping good companies have an even greater impact on their local communities. 


Nonprofit and public organizations are invaluable in many communities. However, NPOs are expected to have greater impact with declining resources. Allow our team to help your organization leverage and layer funding, foster strategic partnerships and facilitate sustainable programming.

Community Development 

Not only is it important to rebuild under served neighborhoods, it is equally imperative to empower the people who reside in those communities. Our firm connects local leaders, entrepreneurs and developers with the appropriate agencies to revitalize communities while remaining socially responsible.

Collective Impact

With more than 30 years of experience within the public, nonprofit and private sectors, our talented team understands that true sustainable community improvement cannot happen inside of a vacuum. It takes the dynamic collective thinking and collaborative efforts that spans across boundaries and breaks down silos. PACE is setting a new tone for long-lasting collective impact.

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