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Our Services

Executive Leadership

Let us do the heavy lifting...

The absence of a C-suite executive or senior manager can make the strongest nonprofit volatile. Our team can assist with interim executive leadership permitting nonprofits the flexibility and freedom to advance their mission while identifying a permanent candidate. The benefits of our interim services include:

  • Seamless continuity of business

  • Organizational assessment and recommendations of best practices

  • Reduce risk in absence of key leadership

  • Reboot morale with existing staff and Board of Directors

  • Interim leadership will assist with search for best candidate

Our team of experts have experience in all of the C-suite positions: CEO, CFO, COO, CPO (programs), CDO (development) and other leadership roles. Our clients appreciate the depth and breadth of our experience, diversity and engagement with networks throughout the United States.

Strategy Development

What's the plan?


​PACE leverages the practical experience of our team to assist our clients with developing strategies in the following areas:

  • Nonprofit Governance and Management

  • General Business Management - Reorganization

  • Infrastructure Improvements - Local, County and State Gov't

  • Community Development and Urban Revitalization

  • Policy, Systems and Environmental Change

  • Fundraising and Capital Campaigns

  • Friendraising and Community Engagement

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

  • Community Coalitions

  • Public Health Initiatives

  • Education Initiatives

  • Youth and Family Initiatives

  • Program Development

  • ...and much more

Strategy Implementation
You have a strategic plan. Now what?

PACE guides our clients to success by tactfully implementing strategies. Your plan is only as good as it's implementation. Our team of experts has the experience to engage the right partners, get top level buy-in and community support. 

Measuring Success
What does success look like?

PACE partners with our clients to help you to define success. Our client-centered approach matches your vision of success with our expertise. Your mission is our business. We will support your team in the evaluation of measurable outcomes.

Custom Consulting

Do you have multiple organizational needs?

PACE considers the unique circumstances of our clients. We have a keen ability to marry your vision with our innovations. We have a client-centered approach when providing our consulting services. We value the perspective of our clients and always work to exceed their expectations. 

We also understand that many clients need more than one type of service. Therefore, we offer competitive pricing for bundled services (i.e. Strategy Development and Strategy Implementation services).  We are a full-service consulting firm that helps you to define what success looks like, develop and implement the strategy, measure success and scale your impact. 

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