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Community Enterprise

PACE is an executive consulting firm comprised of an exceptional team of experts with diverse skill sets who provide executive business services designed to improve cross-sector collaboration to achieve sustainable systemic change.

PACE specializes in comprehensive community development, urban revitalization, residential and commercial real estate consulting, and executive leadership. Our team has extensive experience with community development, policy work, corporate social responsibility, fundraising and grant management, public health, education, nonprofit management, business start-ups and business development. PACE works in close partnership with our clients to drive results by helping clients to implement innovative strategies tailored to meet their organizational and community needs.

Our Services

Our Servuces


PACE believes in comprehensive Community Development. What does that look like? A community is more than retail spaces and restaurants, industries and housing - it is the people. People need access to safe, good quality housing, education and places to work, dine and be entertained. We apply a systemic approach to community and real estate investments. Developers will not only make great profits, but they will also make a difference in the heart of communities.

Strategy Development

PACE is a solutions oriented firm that begins every project with the client's end goal in mind. In today's ever-changing business environment, PACE offers tried and true expertise.  We will help you navigate through these uncertain times to gain stability and sustainability. Call us today and begin charting the path to accomplish your company objectives.


Our talented consultants have the resources and skills to get key buy-in through corporate, community and civic engagement. A comprehensive strategy is only as good as the people who are engaged in the process. Our experts have convened local, state-wide, regional and national coalitions, fundraising campaigns, and policy work -  to achieve measurable results.


PACE partners with our clients to help you define success. Our client-centered approach matches your vision of success with our expertise. Your mission is our business. We will support your team in the evaluation of measurable outcomes. We can also provided supportive reports, feasibility studies, and community comparisons to provide to your key stakeholders.


PACE understands the unique circumstances of our clients. We value the perspective of our clients and always work to exceed your expectations. Whether its developing a strategic plan, community development and master planning, real estate consultation, change leadership, or project management - PACE will work with your company to achieve your goals. Your success is our success.


PACE provides ministries with tailored metrics to evaluate and track their impact within their houses of worship and the communities they serve. We help you to identify opportunities for impact, scalability, virtual ministry expansion and resource development. 

Houses of worship face unique challenges and PACE can offer a variety of support services to promote your sustainability and success.

For more info call PACE today!
Greater Atlanta Region call 470-399-9898
Greater Philadelphia Region call 302-650-8010


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